Compact and instantaneously upgradeable: the new FibreCAT TX24 autoloader from Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Compact and instantaneously upgradeable: the new FibreCAT TX24 autoloader from Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Automated Backup for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Munich, April 13, 2006The new FibreCAT TX24 tape autoloader is an ultra compact, reliable solution designed to allow small and medium-sized enterprises to easily backup and restore their data as needed. With up to 24 media slots, the FibreCAT TX24 is able to perform unattended daily data backups to separate tape drives for almost five business weeks without changing tapes. The system, designed to be rack-mounted, with a form factor of just 2U, can be rapidly upgraded from 12 to 24 slots: an instant upgrade feature that is currently unparalleled on the market. The FibreCAT TX24 is equipped with either one LTO-3 or two LTO-2 drives, with the dual-drive version also providing a very affordable entry into media cloning.
Instant upgrade
Each FibreCAT TX24 unit is equipped with 24 slots. If all 24 slots are not yet required, only 12 slots are operational, reducing the overall cost. When more storage backup space is required, the additional 12 slots can be rapidly activated via a soft key license. Therefore, users can pay-as-they-grow for tape backup needs, with the assurance that they have a quick and cost-effective upgrade path in case greater backup capacities are demanded in future.
High-level data backup
Because the system automates backup tape change, the TX24 device eliminates one of the most common storage backup problems – human error in manually loading the wrong backup tape.
Equipped with two LTO-2 drives and backup software such as NetWorker, the FibreCAT TX24 can also perform redundant data backups, also known as media cloning, where data is simultaneously saved to two different tapes. One of the pair of backup tapes can then be stored at a different location, providing improved disaster tolerance, since it increases the chances that users will still have access to their data after an operational disaster.
“We consistently pursue our aim of providing small and medium-sized enterprises with powerful, reliable storage solutions that are specially designed to meet their specific needs,” comments Helmut Beck, Vice President Storage at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. “With the FibreCAT TX24, companies can enter the world of automatic data backup at a price they can afford and upgrade the system quickly and easily as their needs grow. At the same time, the system offers users an easy way to start media cloning, thus enabling a very high standard of data backup,” continues Beck. “The new TX24 autoloader further strengthens our storage offerings targeted directly at small and medium-sized businesses, alongside our recently-introduced FibreCAT SX storage solution, and the FibreCAT N20i and N40i file and print servers.”
High storage capacity
The FibreCAT TX24 attains a maximum storage capacity of 19.2 terabytes at a data transfer rate of 24 MB/s (LTO-2) or 80 MB/s (LTO-3). It is connected to the host via an SCSI interface. A Fibre Channel connection will be available mid-year to provide even speedier service.
The enclosure, which is designed for rack installation, has a form factor of just 2U (two standard height units in a 19-inch rack). As standard it includes a barcode reader to facilitate easy media management, by making it easier and faster to identify the exact backup tape required for data restore. The FibreCAT TX24 is equipped with web-based, user-friendly management software, which can also be used for remote diagnosis. The self-explanatory, multi-lingual user interface makes administration easy. Error messages and log files can be downloaded via a standard USB port.
The FibreCAT TX24 is available immediately.
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